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News: Bicycle Helmet Red with Black

  • Form a unique and beautiful, diverse styles of fashion, hole design more reasonable, more ventilation is suitable, more comfortable
  • With adjustable rotary internal regulator, adjust the tightness of head circumference size flexibility
  • This section easy to wear helmets, the fashion, while focusing on safety
  • The comfortable cushion lining High-sided article black velvet earthquake, earthquake effect of increasing
  • Vents is to improve the helmet inside air flow, take part of heat.Equipped with the front brim.The front panel, the Department of colorful, more glossy

$ 8.25
The hot new multi-sport helmet features an adjustable rotary internal regulator, for a flexible use and nice look. Smart vents help you keep a cool head on the road. It also offers protection from wind, rain, dust and other possible hurts for riders. Protective multi-sport design and rubberized coating make you fashionable and cool. Easy to adjust webbing is for a comfortable fit. To be cool for your daily riding!

1.Size: L, can be properly adjusted.
2. Color: Red with Black.
3. Weight: 259g.

Package includes:
1 x Bicycle Helmet Red with Black

Bicycle Helmet Red with Black